Selected Works


Tom Zeller Jr. is an award-winning American reporter and writer who has spent nearly two decades covering energy policy, poverty, technology, and the environment for a variety of national publications, including 15 years as a staff writer and editor for The New York Times.   His current work focuses on the often fractious intersection of science, economics and public policy, particularly as they relate to energy development, climate change and the environment -- topics he has covered in the U.S. and abroad for The New York Times, National Geographic, Bloomberg View, Forbes, and Al Jazeera America, among other publications. In 2013, Tom was awarded a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT, where he spent a year studying environmental decision-making, economics and climate policy.

In addition to his writing, Tom has earned numerous awards for his visual journalism, including prizes from the Society for News Design and from the University of Navarra’s prestigious Malofiej Awards for graphic and interactive packages designed for The New York Times during the run-up to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as The Times' Pulitzer Prize-winning series on race relations in America.
He is currently completing a book about the prospects for climate change management in coming decades for UK-based publisher Polity Books, and he is the founding editor of Undark, a forthcoming digital magazine based at MIT and devoted to coverage of science in the public interest.